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Aug 6, 2013 7:00pm PDT
accident three months. >>> the unexpected medical procedure that left former president george w. bush hospitalized tonight. >>> it is a cool feeling, i will have a look of what you can expect for your area and how long this pattern will last. >>> the bill is in the mail once again for hundreds of thousands of california prop owners. bill for this year should start arriving in mid august. taxpayers advocacy group is working to over turn the law in court. >>> paul chamber is live with details on today's emotional step. >> reporter: team has nine days to practice before competing in today's race. they happen to be back out in the water in despite of losing a teammate. >> it was incredible, the team -- >> that's because it is the first time the team compete in the race since the tragic of andrew bart simpson. >> that was unfortunately. >> back in may, simpson was killed during a practice run the bay. when the. the team rallied together and say they have a bond that'll last for a lifetime >> i think it is tough and everyday we are getting stronger as a team and we are working hard to push
Aug 6, 2013 11:00pm PDT
monitor children. >>> former president george w. bush went through surgery. >> reporter: president bush is regarded as one of the healthiest presidents. he now hosts a bike honoring fallen soldiers. doctors while in service found him in excellent health. >> thank you so much for inviting my friends to my hanging. >> reporter: during the hanging of his presidential portrait he seemed healthy. >> you left me a really great sports package. >> reporter: this week in dallas, doctors found a blockage in an artery and inserted a stent. a small balloon like device that is threaded into the narrow passage and expanded to push the blockage aside. modern presidents have generally maintained some sort of physical fitness during and after their turn. reagan road horses, clinton ran too. president obama plays basketball and just a few years back the first president bush jumped from an airplane. to put it simply this is what we come to expect from our chief executives, if all goes well mr. bush with this procedure should be back to his active lifestyle in his not so distant future. >>> the making
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2